LFH Accountants and Auditors Incorporated as we are today are as a result of the growth, commitment and determination of three professionals and the amalgamation of two firms.

MDH & Company was started by Mike Hopley in the early 1970’s. With hard work and perseverance the practice experienced tremendous growth and by the early 1980s Mike had the biggest Chartered Secretary practice in the country. Around the same time, the accounting and audit practice of SJ Liebenberg & Co, of which Dennis Fraser was a partner, moved to Kloof and became known as Liebenberg Fraser.

Martin van Huyssteen, the current managing partner at LFH worked as an audit manager at Liebenberg Fraser briefly before following his career aspirations abroad. On his return to South Africa, Dennis Fraser offered Martin partnership, it happened by chance or fate as we call it that Mike Hopley was also looking for a new partner and in 2008 Martin orchestrated the merge between the two companies. MDH & Company and Liebenberg Fraser had been working in close partnership and proved to be an extremely successful venture ultimately resulting in the successful merging of the two under one banner, LFH Accountants and Auditors Inc.